Friday, April 21, 2006

A Saucer of Cream Please

Do I really need a serious excuse to post a little hentai?
No, I didn't think so. ^_~

See what I was saying about milk/cream and catgirls?

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Sugasm #25 organization = sexy

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Tuesday, March 07, 2006


I have a confession to make,
like many other bloggers, am obsessed with checking my stats.
Yes, I'm a stat-aholic and a comment whore.

A few times a day, I log in and check out how many people have visited me today, which pages people are looking at, what pages they are coming from, what keywords people are using to find me, and if I'm really feeling needy I check out the visitor paths and cities that people are visiting from.

All in all it wastes a lot of time, but I can't stop.
I need it.
I need to know that The S Spot is loved!

As a handful of you know, I am currently employed as a super awesome research assistant. Lately I have been working intensively on some self-esteem projects around sociometer theory.
After a long day in the lab, I was thinking about one of the experiments I had just been reviewing and it struck me how the stat counter software kind of mimics social cues of relational value.

[Now stick with me, things are going to get confusing for a moment]

According to sociometer theory, our state self-esteem is always in flux (trait self-esteem is more stable, in case you were wondering) - it is constantly responding to cues from our environment. Subconsciously we are always watching for cues that indicate how much people like us (our relational value).

When we perceive that people like us we get a little boost of happy-good feelings (positive affect) and tend to feel a little more secure in ourselves. When we get a cue that people don't like us, we feel down (negative affect) and usually try to change things so that people will like us again.

According to sociometer theory, this is natural and healthy because if we didn't try to get people to like us, then we could end up alone and for our ancestors alone = dead. So it makes sense that we would have learned to be sensitive to cues about how much people like us at the moment (and in general).

[I bet you thought I forgot my point!]

Stat counters continually give me cues as to what people think about my blog(s) - it tells me which pages people like and it tells me how many people are coming. On days where I have a high count of hits I feel good - "yay my blog is doing well!", on days where not many people visit my site, I feel down and wonder what I need to do to get more people to visit (and thus love) my blog.

As I'm sure my fellow bloggers can confirm, we put a lot of ourselves into our blogs, so when people don't like our blogs (or don't visit them), it can hurt on a more personal level.

Bloggers might be the most sensitive people out there to social cues because we are so addicted to our stats and measure our blog/personal value in so many ways - like with comments.
Comments are even better than statcounter because it shows that not only are people visiting your site, but they like it enough to comment!

They joy of receiving comments is definitely something that bloggers understand - which is why I think it's usually bloggers leaving comments on their colleagues' pages while the anonymous readers remain silent.

So what's the point of my post?
Just letting you know that you're not completely crazy for checking your stats several times a day and that being a comment whore is okay.
Carry On. ^_~

(pix borrowed from here)

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Saturday, March 04, 2006

Sugasm #24

The best of the blogs by the bloggers who blog them,
this week starting with the letter H:

(woot! pic from my post!)

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Monday, February 27, 2006

A Little More on Teamwork

I just had a few more things to say about my teamwork post at the s spot.

Maybe it's because I actually know this JP in person, but I had/have a bit of a problem with the way he worded his question...
It seems to me that he worded this as if taking care of your partner's orgasmic needs is a bad thing.
Like it's a duty that he feels is unfairly put upon men.

As if men are saying "okay let's have sex... Oh you didn't cum yet? damn it! Fine I guess I'll have make you cum too since it's my duty and all..." like he doesn't want to but feels he has to! It bothers me that there might be guys out there who are in a relationship, but still just have sex to (as Fig aptly put it) get their rocks off, without any care for their partner.

Partly this suggested feeling blows my mind because I've never been with a guy who didn't want to make sure I came!

Usually, even when it's obvious that I have, they ask - with those sweet puppy dog eyes - did you cum?
I've been with guys who were so concerned with making sure that I got as much out of the experience as them that they carefully gave me a few orgasms orally before we got to the penetration part.

But I've never ever been with a guy who seemed to feel like helping me cum was an ordeal or a less-than-pleasant duty (like JP makes it sound).

And it's not like we women are asking for much.
Guys, if you cum first, it's not a big deal! We just need one of three (or four) things from you:

1. (possibly the most important instruction) Understand that maybe we just weren't going to be able to cum this time - But that doesn't mean that we didn't still have a great time!

2. Stay hard and stay in. I have been the last one to cum on a few occasions and usually I just keep going. All I ask is for you to stay hard (if you can), don't pull out until I say, oh and please move into whatever position I need.

3. If it's not going to happen with your man parts, please understand if we want/need to finish ourselves off by hand or with a toy. Sometimes we just need a little "closure" and this is no reflection on your skills as a lover.

Alternatively, 4. help us cum another way; orally, with a toy, with your fingers... Even if your man-bits are done for the night that doesn't mean that you can't still make us cum! (Or, as I mentioned above, you could make sure that we cum at the start.)

In general, the orgasm trouble usually comes up (heh) in the female half of a hetero sex experience. But I think that I have a bit of a unique perspective on this whole thing, as a women, because I have been on both sides of this situation.

One of my ex-boyfriends used to have trouble cumming. We could have sex for an hour and he would still be on the edge of an orgasm, never quite making it. So fellas, I know your frustration at being with a lover who can't seem to reach orgasm. I tried every thing I could think of to help him, and I'd keep going until I was exhausted and dry - but no luck. I understand that feeling of guilt that I came and my partner didn't; and a feeling of unfulfillment, because it's not quite the same if I'm the only one having an orgasm.

Having been in a similar position as many men, with a partner who can't seem to orgasm, and trying my very best to help them before *WE* gave up - I guess the idea of somebody viewing their partner's pleasure as second (or even less than second) to their own really pisses me off.
That idea that perhaps your partner isn't worth your time and effort and that helping your partner cum is too much work - that it's a duty unfairly foisted upon men makes me want to throw things out the window.

I'm sure JP didn't intend for his question to carry this subtle undercurrent of male sexism, and maybe I'm being overly dramatic, but thank you, sweet reader, for *listening*.

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Saturday, February 04, 2006

Sugasm #20

The best of the blogs by the bloggers who blog them.
This week starting with the letter ‘M’.

(All Sugasm participants should repost the links above at a minimum)

Sugasm is lovingly policed by Sabrina Morgan

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Gusher Pride

Women, as you know, are amazing creatures. And female ejaculation is just one of the many amazing things that some women can do.

I would like to place as many links to posts about female ejaculation here as sort of an ejaculation collection. If you see any posts or if you've made one and I've missed it, please send me an e-mail.

The S Spot: What IS Female Ejaculation?
Reddyman: Survey of Female Readers
Pantylines: Squirting
ChelseaGirl: The Great Hottie
Suze: Would You Like Juice With That?
AAG: Gushing
Shay's Other Spot: When I Cum I Pour
The S Spot: How to Ejaculate-For Women
The S Spot: Is it Possible to Gush Too Much? Nah!
The Lovin' Blog - All about Ejaculation
Sex&Hockey - Don't feel bad if you don't ejaculate. It means you have less laundy to do.

To show our Vagina pride I've made these fancy little buttons for anyone who is interested to display. ^_^

As you can see, I've made quite a variety for you to choose from. (and I might make more still if there are any requests)

As Gigi pointed out, I certainly don't want to leave out any of my non-ejaculating sisters. So please ladies do feel free to wear a button with pride even if you aren't a squirter, because there is nothing wrong with not being able to ejaculate (just like how some people can't roll their tongues)!

Besides, everyone likes wet sex and women certainly can usually create as much wetness as they like without ejaculating.

So see these buttons as a celebration of ALL the kinds of wonderful wetness that women produce! ^_^

Gentlemen, I also don't want you to feel left out. Since I know you all enjoy wetness as well (either from a bottle or from a woman), you are also invited required to grab a button too! ^_^

Here is the coding you'll need (substitute the round brackets for these ><) and please host the image you use on your own server.

(p)(a href="") (img src="IMAGE URL")(/a)(/p)